Fermzilla Twister Lid

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This lid features holes for the Temp Twister and for the Kegland Thermowell. Add temperature control to any Fermzilla. Note that you may have to cut the stainless tubing when using 27 and 30 liter Fermzillas. Alternatively, you can have the excess stainless tubing extend beyond the top of the by by a foot or so.
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Dec 16, 2020 by Mike G.

Q: I purchased this pre-drilled lid, Temp Twister, and Thermowell. I see in the photo you were able to install them all. On mine the thermowell wants to crash into the coil. In your photo looks like the thermowell is touching the coil. I also notice the KegLand video doesn't show both thermowell and temp twister installed at the same time. Seems like to operate correctly these should not touch (or chiller will short cycle). Any suggestions appreciated.

A: They do touch, but we think the thermowell is still fairly accurate in this situation.

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