Fermzilla 30 Liter All Rounder Fermenter

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Discounted Pressure Kit

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 Unlike white plastic semi-porous HDPE Fermenters, the Kegland Fermzilla 30 Liter All Rounder is made of smooth non porous PET plastic, to make it completely impervious on the inside to krausen and beer film soaking into the plastic, while protecting your ferment from the oxidizing effects of air contact coming in from the outside. This fermenter is pressure rated to 35 PSI, and can be used with our C71 Spunding Valve as well as our C77 Pressure Kit for pressure ferments, pressure transfers, and even to use as an extra ball lock keg!

• Super smooth PET plastic makes it easy to clean and hard to contaminate.
• Oxygen barrier to prevent oxidation
• Tap Free Design for easy cleaning and less chance of infections
• 4¾" wide lid making it easy to clean
• Fermzilla lid makes it easy to add things like a Temp Twister Cooling Coil and KegLand Thermowell for year round temperature control

Perfect for brewing, wine making, kombucha, and spirit wash fermentation. 25.5" tall on stand with airlock, and 14" wide.

Includes All Rounder Tank, Stainless Stand, Stainless Handle, 1 Airlock, 1 Fermzilla Lid with 35 PSI pressure relief valve, adhesive gallon markers, and an adhesive strip thermometer.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  Do not put liquids inside this tank over 140° degrees F. It will melt the tank. Do not switch out the red 35 PSI Pressure Relief valve for a higher rated valve, as the tank may explode!

Click HERE to download the instructions in pdf format.

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Fun Option

Review by Robb on 6/24/2021

This fermenter design allows for a lot of fun. Air tight, closed transfers, spunding, floats (water pool temp control), & still small enough to transport fairly easily. Quickly became my favorite option, and at a pretty crazy cheap price. The 2-year expiration isn't great, but $50, 2 years isn't bad (and I think that is mainly for the high-end pressure rating if you plan to carbonate in it, which I don't). Yes, edges of handles are rough/sharp, and I filed the edges down before assembly. Overall, if you already keg/have a CO2 tank, this is a great option for those of us that like to watch the fermentation.

Fermzilla All Rounder

Review by Bob Bailey on 5/22/2021

Great fermenter. Got the pressure kit, spunding valve and floating dip tube filter too. Have used it 3 times with great results. Can't wait for the dry hop valve as a finishing touch. Impressed with how easy this system makes it to eliminate any contact with oxygen after pitching, and it's also nice to be able to load an empty keg into my keezer and pressure transfer. Much easier on the old back. Can't say enough about this product.

Wish I Knew

Review by Robert on 5/13/2021

Pressure fermentation, great! I’ve made some great lagers in short time with this and S-189 yeast. However I wish I knew the pressure rating has a 2-year expiration date. Other issue is the handles are sharp! After cutting myself twice I have filed down the rough corners.

Jun 28, 2021 by Aaron

Q: Is the fermzilla all rounders in stock?

A: Yes

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