Nukatap Flow Control Keg Faucet

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There is nothing more convenient than a keg faucet when you have ball lock kegs. This Nukatap Flow Control Keg Faucet fits any ball lock keg, and provides foaming control as well as dispensing.  Flow control is especially important in a keg faucet, which does not have 4' of 3/16" interior diameter tubing to minimize foaming.*  Just dial back the lever to provide more flow resistance in case of excess foaming during dispense. Like all Nukatap faucets, this is also forward sealing, to prevent the faucet body from drying out between pours.

Now resdesigned with a one piece ball lock shank, which eliminates the tendency of a keg faucet to swivel. The faucet cannot swivel as the splines on the ball lock shank hold it securely in position. A chrome plated solid brass handle adds a quality feel.

*Flow control is most valuable when you have an overcarbonated or agitated keg, which typically happens more with commercial kegs. If you are dispensing home brew you probably have control over the carbonation level, and the keg probably has not been shaken up by a trip to the liquor store, making flow control less valuable.

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very convenient

Review by Brett Miller on 4/6/2022

I use this on my smaller kegs instead of dangling a plastic faucet and tube off the keg that always seems to get in my way - works great

Aug 26, 2022 by Greg Z

Q: Can this faucet be disassembled to attach to a regular shank as well when mini keg is not in use?

A: Yes, although Nukatap Flow Control Faucets work best on Nukatap shanks. It is possible you will have sealing issues with a generic shank.

Apr 12, 2022 by John

Q: Can this be changed to pin lock?

A: No, the ball lock connector is also the shank. You can make up a pin lock flow control keg faucet, by using items I26, E49, D36, and a suitable handle like Q49. Look up item I26 on our site and it tells you how to construct a keg faucet from separate parts.

Jan 12, 2022 by Fred Blumenauer

Q: Is this an all stainless faucet?

A: Yes, except there is a molded shuttle inside the flow control made of food grade plastic, and the ball lock fitting is made of food grade plastic.

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