FermZilla 55 Liter Insulated Jacket

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This jacket is designed to insulate your 55 Liter FermZilla during the colder months to keep your fermentation at the optimum temperature. It can also be used with a heating belt/wrap to warm up the wort if the heat from the fermentation isn't enough. It is large enough to freeze a couple of plastic soda bottles full of water and put them inside the unit for cooling. Also completely blocks any light/UV to prevent light stuck beer.
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Good Grain

Review by Kelly on 7/2/2020

This was my first experience with this malt. I decided on a SMASH recipe. 10 lbs of Great Western CA select, some minor water treatments and Saaz hops. I fermented at 50 with SafLager 34/70. This made a very crisp light beer. There is a very mild grain flavor without any malt or overly sweet characteristics. Made a very refreshing and crushable beer. Would be an excellent base malt for any number of styles. Going to use it in a Steam Beer next.

Jan 31, 2023 by Tom

Q: Can it be used with a 5 or 6 gallon carboy?

A: No, it would be way too big.

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