Belgian Harvest Ale Home Brewing Beer Kit

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Our Belgian Harvest Ale is an ale in the farmhouse tradition - a bit lower in alcohol than some of the strong triple and trappist styles, and fermented with a yeast that leaves a clean (for Belgian) balance in the finished ale. Not as smooth as a lager, this one has a wonderfully complex flavor anchored by the German pale/Munich malt and pale beet sugar base, and accented by the unique flavors imparted by the Belgian yeast strain and European hops. Starting gravity: 1.058.  Alcohol: 6%, IBU's 33.


Includes 8 pounds of blended malt and pale beet sugar, flavoring and aromatic hops, 125ml of liquid yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Ease of Brewing: Beginner.

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

This shows Belgian Harvest after 3 weeks in the bottle.
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Belgian Harvest Ale

Review by Mike Williams on 10/19/2017

Very good beer. Smooth, easy to drink. Not overly hopped.

Belgian Harvest Ale

Review by Edward Nolan on 2/28/2016

This is my first Williams purchase. I am a beginner brewer and have tried a number of kits from various sources. This has been my best brew to date. It is a true Belgian Ale with all it's characteristics. My best comparison is with River Horse Belgian Ale. I believe mine is on par with any current craft Belgian beer you can buy. The only deviation to the recipe I made was initial addition of only half of the malt extract at initial boil and adding the balance with 12 mins. before flame off. I used a closed fermentation at 68F for 15days. My OG was 1.058 with a FG of 1.004 which calculated into a very hefty ABV of 7.6%. I will definitely try another Williams kit, especially an IPA, since my other attempts have been very disappointing.

Easy brew day

Review by Steven on 3/27/2015

Sometimes I do a mini mash with partial specialty grains. Other times I just do all extract to make for an easier brew day. This kit was very simple to put together, and the results were excellent. Great taste and body. The final gravity and ABV were right on target. It's in on tap in my kegerator right now !!

2nd Brew and very good

Review by Bob on 10/1/2013

This is my secend brew and like this as much as the Brown Ale my first brew 3 weeks prior. Just got finished botteling the Porter today and brewing the IPA but now out of brew kits so i will either get anothr Brown or this Harves ale along with a Wheat and maybe the German ale

williams has a winner

Review by Russ on 1/25/2013

My first attempt at home brewing, and I ended up with something I would buy over and over again if made commercialy. Smooth and complex, subtle hoppiness. Reminds me of a belgian dubbel or even a saison. My only drawback was it came out darker than in the catalogue photo. Next time I willtry adding the candy sugar near the end of the hour as opposed to beggining as in the directions. Word of advice, wait that extra week and allow to bottle condition three weeks instead of two. Huge difference in carbonation and mouthfeel. This is a winner no matter what the season and my neighbors keep complimenting me on it.

Jan 14, 2018 by Mrs Z

Q: Do your kits come with grain sweeping bags and bottle caps? I was unable to determine if they did. I have never ordered from your company.

A: Grain steeping bags are not needed because we blend the extract for the kit, so grain is not included. Bottle caps are not included.

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