Red Carbonation & Cleaning Cap

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This molded male ball lock valve coupling cap that fits a 2 liter or smaller plastic soda bottle with a 28mm screw cap lid. This allows the 2 liter bottle to be charged with C02 from any female ball lock gas fitting (like our item D32 or D03 Gas Connector), carbonating the cold beverage in the bottle. Great for serving draft beer away from the keg. Also fits the 27 and 55 Liter  Brewzilla in and out ports on the lid (except the Flat Bottom 30 Liter Brewzilla), and the Brewzilla Collection Jar ports for pressurizing the Brewzilla fermenter.  The hose barb on the bottom is also compatible with our DuoTight fitting Z84 and C55 which lets you easily attach a ball lock fitting to an EvaBarrier 8mm or 9mm outer diameter line.

This has a hybrid ball lock post that will accept beer and gas lines.







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First time using the plastic cap

Review by Steve W. on 9/28/2020

I have several stainless carbonation caps but I thought I'd try plastic for a change. I purchased these for use especially with the cap tee adapter so I can make a "micro-keg" out of a 2 liter soda bottle. I haven't used them yet but they look like fine quality and I'm sure they will function well.

Carbonation caps

Review by BobL on 4/16/2020

Bought several of these to keep soda carbonated and to make soda water. Works great! Keeps a seal, no leaks.

Nov 11, 2022 by Mike

Q: What is the OD of the post? Will your 3mm by 6.5mm EVABarrier Tubing fit the post?

A: 6.5mm is the outer diameter, so the 3mm tubing will not fit. Most people attach our item Z84 Reducer to this so they can then attach 8mm outer diameter EvaBarrier tubing.

Sep 07, 2022 by Haygood

Q: Is this the gas in connector that will fit the back of the KegLand Series X Plus?

A: Yes, that is the part you need. You will also need a DuoTight reducer (item Z84) and a gas ball lock. I would use item G49 for the ball lock, not the one in the video. The video was made before the DuoTight ball lock (item G49) was available. Check out the video by following the link below and fast forwarding to the 7 minute 17 second mark to see how it is done.

Jun 08, 2022 by Rich

Q: Will this fit your 2.5 ltr PET growler bottles and enable me to add pressure to a full PET bottle with CO2 using a standard gas connector from my CO2 tank (same as connecting to a corny keg)? Thanks

A: Yes, it fits perfectly.

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