Carbonation Cap Tee Adapter

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Make a ball lock keg out out of PET plastic bottles. Great for taking beer to a party or making your own mini keg system with a 2 liter soda bottle.

This tee piece enables you to attach both a liquid and gas ball lock disconnect to the bottle at the same time so you can essencially use a common PET bottle as a keg. Very handy with a two liter soda bottle, as you can get a short length of ¼" interior diameter silicone tubing, attach it to the top Carbonation Cap (not included), fill with beer, and put in the refrigerator, either upright or sideways.

Or if you have Intertap faucets on your draft system, make a draft system cleaner - fill a soda bottle with beer line cleaner, attach an optional ball lock adapter to the end of your Intertap Faucet, and open the faucet to force cleanser into your draft beer system and down the lines.

Note: This is for the tee piece only. You need a soda bottle with standard PCO 1881 thread, 2 item C35 Carbonation Caps, and some ¼" interior diameter tubing to complete your soda bottle keg conversion.
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Handy item

Review by Steve W. on 9/28/2020

I purchased this, a couple of plastic carbonation caps and some silicone tubing so that I could make a "micro-keg" using a 2 liter soda bottle. I have assembled everything (the tubing I bought here is a bit too large in ID but I was able to make it fit) and I am planning to try it out today. This adapter is really neat and I'm sure it will work great for my purpose.

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