Chardonnay Concentrate For 3 Gallons

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William's California Wine Concentrates are made from 100% Central Valley varietal wine grapes, picked at their peak and gently concentrated with minimum heat under vacuum to 68 Brix. Sugar has not been added, nor is sugar needed to make 3 gallons of full-bodied varietal wine.

The 116 ounces of concentrate included in each pack is enough to make 3 gallons of wine with an alcohol content of 13 to 14%. Contains sulfiltes, so you do not need to add them before fermentation. Our California Wine Concentrates are also acid balanced, so you do not need to add acid or do an acid titration test (unless you want to).

Chardonnay is perhaps the most popular white wine grape, and the grapes used in our concentrate are grown in Woodbridge, California. This grape produces a full-bodied white wine, full of fruit character and perhaps a buttery softness. Add some oak chips to this one to give the increasingly popular (and expected) hint of oak that goes with this style.

Note: This includes concentrate only, and does not include yeast, oak, or other additives that may be needed to ferment 3 gallons of wine. For complete wine kits, see our William's California Wine Kits.


A vineyard in Lodi, California, where grapes are grown for our California Wine Concentrates.

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