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This quality stainless steel Brewer’s Edge Thermometer features a 12” stainless steel probe stem, a 2” dial (with glass lens), and calibration nut for precise settings at any range. Quick reading, accurate and durable, this is a thermometer designed for home brewers.

Features a sliding red metal pointer, so you can set a reference point. This is particularly handy when mashing (set the pointer to 150 to 155 degrees F.) or while waiting for the boil to begin (set it at 212 degrees F.).

32-220° F range, with a pot attachment clip. Click on the more info button below  for a side view of this thermometer.

This shows a side view of the Brewer's Edge Thermometer, showing the pot attachment clip and 12" stainless probe.
Average rating 5.875 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

good while it lasted

Review by Logan K. on 9/15/2008

Pros: Worked great through about 3 brews and maybe 3 dozen loaves of bread.

Cons: ONLY worked through 3 brews and 3 dozen loaves of bread. This thing should have held up much longer, now in a mug of ice water it registers 60 degrees. I wouldn't waste your money on this one, you'll have to buy another in a few months. I'm glad I noticed that the ambient temp reading was around a hundred, and didn't start the brew and ruin a batch of supplies

It's ok

Review by Shad R. on 4/25/2009

Pros: It gave an accurate temp, but wife took it over to use for her candy. I ended up buy the self calibrating one from William's. If they still sold that one I would HIGHLY recommend it!!

Cons: It just doesn't compare to the self calibrating.

good basic thermometer

Review by limtac on 2/8/2010

Pros: pretty accurate temp readings. probe is sufficient length. red indicator is helpful for remembering and controlling steeping temp.

Cons: clip does not keep probe from resting against the side of my boiling pot.

A good product

Review by John on 5/24/2011

I respectfully suggest to the previous poster that he recalibrate his thermometer using the nut behind the dial housing. This type of instrument simply does not fail to the tune of 30°F (unless it is visibly broken). This is an excellent, cheap product that does the job of fancier thermometers 3x the price, and I have just ordered a new one. My only criticism is its fragility; a rubber cushion around the perimeter of the dial housing would help protect the glass when the thermometer is dropped onto a concrete floor (frequently in my case).

Didn't last as long as I hoped

Review by Cody on 6/21/2011

Like the previous reviewer, I experienced inaccurate readings after only 5 batches though I did use it inside last thanksgiving's turkey. According to this thermometer, water now boils at 235 degrees and everything else measures about 20 hotter than what it should. The previous reviewer said his had the same issue and he used it for baking bread. Perhaps higher than boiling temps (ovens, etc) will cause this. Regardless, for a few bucks more why not go digital and get precise and easy to read measurements? Also, water seemed to have gotten behind the glass. Not bad as an entry level but if you're looking to replace, go digital.

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