Fermometer Strip Thermometer

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Self-adhesive, flexible and waterproof liquid crystal thermometer is great for sticking to fermenters: once affixed, it will display the temperature of the beer or wine inside, with a 44° to 86° F range in 2° calibrations. 1" wide, 8" long. To install, just remove the backing paper and stick.

Average rating 7.8 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Be careful where you stick it.....

Review by Chris R. on 11/26/2005

Pros: works well and is easy to read to monitor pitching and fermenting temps.

Cons: You only get one shot to stick it to your carboy.....if you try to peel it up & replace it, you leave most of it behind on the side of your fermenter. I ruined one this way before I figured it out.

stick on thermometer a bust

Review by John on 11/17/2013

I recently bought two of these. I attached the first one horizontally and it didn't work. While trying to reposition it a bunch of the backing came off and that was the end of that one. I positioned the second one vertically and it never worked. The day after the trash got collected I realized that I probably should have held on to them to return them. This is the first thing I've ever bought from William's that I've not been very happy with.

A necessity

Review by Thomas on 1/29/2016

The scale goes from 46 to 82F which may be a bit short for somebody lagering their beer but it is plenty for me. As I put my carboys into water for temperature control I used some layers of wide, see-through scotch tape and hope the crystals will work for a couple of years. I am not planning on taking them off again.I am happy for the permanent measurements I can get now without putting a probe INTO my fermenting meads, wines or beers, avoiding another chance for contamination. - I wonder why I didn't start using one years ago!

post scriptum

Review by Thomas on 2/9/2016

> I used some layers of wide, see-through scotch tape and hope the crystals will work for a couple of years.< ... That was not a good idea, it helped the stripe to get ruined faster! Sorry for suggesting that! My mistake! A good product otherwise (as long as you do not plan to get it under water for prolonged times!

Nice thermometer

Review by Ben Hall on 9/28/2019

Bought this thermometer to put on my fermenting bucket to keep track of temperature. Accuracy when checked with my IR thermometer is good - maybe a degree or so off? But then it's hard to say if that's the strip or the IR unit. The price may be a little higher than other places (such as the jungle "Big A" place) but buying here you know you're getting a quality unit. From the "A" place, you might get a good one, you might not!

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