0-230 Glass Calibration Thermometer

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A full range traditional laboratory thermometer featuring a 0-230° F. range and 2° calibrations. More accurate than dial-type thermometers for the price, but much more fragile. This is so accurate that it great to have as a calibration thermometer when you are adjusting stainless dial thermometers. 12” long, alcohol-filled

This closeup shows the scale of this suprisingly accurate and precise thermometer.

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

It's a thermometer.

Review by Jones on 6/3/2020

It works as expected. Would be even better if it had Celsius scale as well (recipes from overseas are easier to read that way).

Calibrate Your Other Thermometers

Review by HENRY on 12/8/2019

I consider this to be an essential part of my brewery because all my other thermometers are off a few degrees and need to be calibrated. The bi-metallic dial thermometers on a long stem are the worst. They are often off by several degrees. If you are shooting for a specific mash temperature it's important to have an accurate thermometer. Although the calibration thermometer is glass, it's tough. I've plunged it into my hot mash without any problems although I prefer to use the more durable metal thermometers in my mash. I mostly use it to calibrate my other thermometers and keep it in a safe place to avoid breakage.

Wish it floats

Review by andrew H. on 5/8/2010

Pros: It tells you the temperature just fine like it is supposed to do.

Cons: The other thermometer I have floats, so you can drop it in the wort and forget about it. This thermometer doesn't float, so you have to hold onto it. Otherwise, it falls into the wort.

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