Brewer's Edge Distribution

With the exit of our nation wide wholesale distributor from the home brew market, we are having William's Brewing supply retail outlets with Brewer's Edge® products.

All products are in stock for immediate shipment, and discounts noted for case or pallet quantities.

MAP pricing is in effect for the B95 Mash & Boil with Pump at $399.99, and for the B27 Series 2 Mash & Boil at $299.99. 

Please click on items below to see distributor quantity pricing. Note that both the regular Mash & Boil B27 and the Mash & Boil with Pump B95 have mix or match discounts. We do drop shipping for the Mash & Boil - just order one, and select a different address for shipping than your billing address. This is for recognized dealers only selling at MAP price.