4184 Wyeast Sweet Mead Yeast

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Top fermenting yeast which leaves residual sugar after fermentation. Medium flocculation, attenuation low. Temperature range: 65-75° F. 125 ml. extra large pack means a starter is not needed for 5 gallons of mead.

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Review by Jeff Vandewinckel on 12/26/2022

This yeast did not survive the trip.


Review by Christopher on 10/24/2018

This yeast is great. I can't comment on my current batch of cider I have with it, Because I just started it last week. But I have used for cider and mead in the past. Lets the flavor of what you are brewing to shine. You really need a secondary so to allow for settling. The finished product is sweeter then the dry, but not as sweet as the commercially produced ciders.

Mead Yeast

Review by Chris on 1/17/2018

So far so good. Really nice stuff started slow and steady and still going.

Perfect sweetness and very smooth

Review by Jason on 7/31/2012

Used this for a mead with 3lbs honey and 1.2lbs fruit per gallon. Made a liter of malt/honey mixed starter and brewed 8 gallons. I'd used Pasteur Champagne yeast for previous meads, and this Wyeast was a revelation. Drinkable right out of the secondary, and lovely in 9 months. The previous meads were only drinkable after a year and a half.

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