4632 Wyeast Dry Mead Yeast

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Classic mead yeast for a dry finish. Low foaming with little or no sulfur production. Medium flocculation, attenuation high. Ideal temperature range: 55-75° F. Extra large 125 ml. pack means a starter is not needed when brewing 5 gallons.

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quick start

Review by michael smith on 6/20/2021

Only 3 weeks since starting with 6# honey. Startd by the next day at near 70F. racked to secondary fermenter after a week. smells great.

Mead takes a lot of patience.

Review by Steven on 3/8/2014

I've used this yeats to make mead several times now. The final outcome makes it worth the time. First, mead takes a long time to mature. You can drink it after it ferments, but it's so much better after it ages. As far as I'm concerned, two years is the minimum. I leave it in the carboy for at least 6 months before bottling it. After about a year, the mead clears nicely. After two years, it's crystal in clarity and totally awesome. Cons: In never hot Coos Bay, at 68 degrees, it takes about 5 days to start fermenting, so make sure everything is perfectly clean before you start. Be patient, it will get going eventually. The mead will be cloudy, be patient. The longer it sits around, the better and clearer it gets. Plan for a two year aging process. It's absolutely worth the wait.

3632 Dry Mead Yeast

Review by John P. on 7/22/2008

Pros: We brewed with this yeast on the kitchen table around 75f. The apples we used in the cider were a bit too tart as this is a dry yeast. The flavor was outstanding (except the over tartness). I will be using this yeast again.

Cons: A bit cloudy, milky in appearance. Did not seem to affect flavor, one could argue increased nutrient content due to the amount of yeast that didn't flocculate out.

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