WLP720 Sweet Mead Yeast

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Flocculation: Low
Alcohol Tolerance: High
Optimum Temperature: 70° to 75° F.

Note: A starter must be made with
White Labs Yeast.

Reviews provided by White Labs:

Great Stuff"

By: g_man | Date: Nov 20, 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Ginger Root Cyser

The batch turned out perfect, my 2nd batch ever and it was easy easy! It was a quick fermentation roughly a couple of weeks and it came out stout but not overpowering. Finished a little cloudy but super-clear cleaned that right up. Great Stuff Garrison

"Waiting for more honey"

By: Dennis C | Date: Nov 20, 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Mead

I have used your Sweet Mead Yeast in about 3 batches of mead and I have yet to get an inconsistent product or something that I didn't like! I know that I have (unintentionally) changed the recipe and the end result is still the same. There was one batch that I pitched the yeast before the must got to a sufficient temp and that batch turned out low alcohol and very sweet. Still, no complaint and that was my fault. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with your product. I have two vials of that yeast in my fridge right now just waiting for me to go buy more honey.

" ... this batch is just fantastic!"

By: Bill Elwell | Date: Nov 20, 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Mead

I've used this yeast in the past with nice results. However, this batch is just fantastic! I made a 5 gal batch of traditional mead using 14 lbs of honey and a short 15 min boil. Brew day was 8 Feb 09. The OG was 1.110. Jumping several readings later (10 Apr) and the gravity is at 1.024. The mead has a very nice sweet honey flavor...excellent. I'm not complaining, but that's over the anticipated <75% attenuation of the yeast. Thanks. Bill

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