Saflager W34/70 Lager Yeast

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A dry German lager yeast from Weihenstephan in Germany that produces a lager with a crisp character when fermented at 48 to 59° F (ideal 54° F.).  High flocculation, attenuation 73-77%.  11.5 gram pack. Click here to download a manufacturer's specification sheet.
Average rating 9.25 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Good all purpace Lager yeas

Review by Ray Sykes on 11/13/2017

My old favorite WLP 833 Has been Replaced with SAFLAGER W34/70 LAGER YEAST and although I have the ability to control fermentation temperature I can start this out @ 58 degrees and let it free Rise to into the mid 60s F w very clean lager like characteristics. Just brewed A Baltic porter using the new Baltic extract . 3 # Vienna malt and 1# Belgian D-180 1.074 using 2 packets 34/70 in one week its down 1.012. ! Best of all I can brew Lager any time without preparing a starter


Review by Susan on 10/20/2013

I usually don't brew lagers because of the cost of liquid yeast and the hassle of at least a one step starter. After hearing good things about W34/70 I decided to give it a try in a lager version of my house beer: lemon-rosemary blonde. Wowzer, I was very pleased with the results and will be brewing more lagers in the not too distant future.

Nice results, watch your temps

Review by Calvin Perilloux on 2/18/2010

Pros: I have had some excellent results with this yeast, very clean flavors, a touch on the sweet side. Obviously, it's very easy to use, so I always keep a couple of packs around, just in case a lager-brewing day opens up.

Cons: Watch your temperatures. My experience is that if you get to the 48-50 F range for this one, it doesn't attenuate well, so keep temps nice and steady in the low 50's and expect a longer lagering time than usual.

Great Dry Lager yeast

Review by jack t. on 12/8/2008

Pros: Direct dry pitchable yeast that is very forgiving. After lagering I was left with a full bodied crisp lager. This was my forth attempt at a lager and my best batch ever.

Cons: Wished it was slightly dryer.

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