Mangrove Jack's M44 U.S. West Coast Ale

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A top fermenting ale strain suitable for American style ales. Suitable for American Style Pale Ale, American Double IPA, American- Style Imperial stout and more.  (Packaging color may vary)

Attenuation: High

Flocculation: High
Usage Directions:  For best results ferment at 18-23 C (64-73 F).

Click  here for a complete guide to Mangrove Jack's dried brewing yeast.
Average rating 9.6 out of 10 ( based on 10 reviews )

not sure yet

Review by Doug on 7/10/2013

Like all of you making brew. I found that my best brews were from very active yeast. I have had great success from the yeasts sold on this website. Recently I purchased Mangrove Jack's M44. The brew fermenting now is very active so I have high expectations. I will update my review but so far I am excited. I have to submit a rating I would prefer to hold back but I will give it a 4 for now

A real workhorse

Review by Josh on 10/17/2013

This yeast is clean and my brews are much drier and stronger when I use this. I doubt I wil every use 05 again. I fermented down an Imperial Stout from 1.095 to 1.014 with this stuff (It did take a few months). It is now my go to yeast.

Clean yeast

Review by jon on 10/21/2013

I was leery on paying the extra cost on this yeast but to compare it to 05 I was surprised how high the attenuation was and a clean yeast with very little or no off flavors and will use this yeast from now on.

A Good Yeast

Review by Kevin W. on 12/5/2014

This is my go to yeast & works every time! My IPAs turn out Great... Enough said!!!

Going dry!

Review by KH on 8/20/2018

Been a liquid yeast user from day one 9 yrs ago. Thought dry yeast was inferior... but I brew so much and was trying to lower my cost per brew but not give up anything. A pro brewer friend of mine suggested M Jk’s yeast said it was awesome. It is. We have had great success with it. Yes you have more selection with wet yeast. But really how many different strains do you really use? Try M Jk’s it’s a great yeast and has a huge yeast count compared to wet yeast so will save you $4 to $12 bucks a batch depending on how many packs you normally pitch and no need for a starter! So no DME there’s another few bucks and a half hour!! That’s why I’m going dry!!

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