Safbrew T58 Dry Ale Yeast

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This dry ale yeast has a dry estery flavor profile that is suitable for Belgian or wheat beers. This is one of our favorites for brewing wheat beer and Belgian ale styles. Medium flocculation, attenuation: 71-75%. 10 gram pack is good for pitching 5 gallons.

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Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 6 reviews )

Bottle conditioning

Review by MIke R. on 9/22/2009

Pros: I use this to bottle condition after crashing the primary yeast strain out. 2-3 grams to five gallons works great. Even bottling cold it's done in less than a week and just forms a solid haze on the bottom of the bottles.

Cons: I've not used it much as a primary strain so I can't really say.

Best batch of wheat beer to date!

Review by Joel on 5/14/2011

I am now switching from the Bavarian Wheat yeast to this one. I love the orange/citrus flavor compared to the banana/clove flavor of a hefeweizen yeast. Will start stocking up on this one for sure.

Safbrew T-58 Belgian Yeast Strain

Review by Paul on 9/3/2011

I used this yeast for Saison and was very satisfied with the results. Provides a classic Belgian flavor profile (clove,light citrus and a very nice hint of sourness). Fermentation started quickly,was strong and most importantly it was complete resulting in the dry finish that is required by the style. I have been brewing for years and this is a quality product that I will continue to use.

Nice Belgian Character

Review by Byron on 6/1/2012

I made a saison with this yeast and really appreciated the typical funky Belgian character i got out of it. Not as tart or dry as a liquid saison yeast, but nice flavor at higher temps (80F plus).

A Work Horse

Review by Kevin W. on 2/12/2013

People say you can't make a Great Beer with this are wrong! This is a Perfect yeast to make a Great Belgian Beer. ie Wit or saison.

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