Mangrove Jack's M02 Dry Cider Yeast

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A high ester - producing cider strain imparting  flavour depth, revealing the full fruit potential. Suitable for brewing all types of cider.

Attenuation: High

Flocculation: High

Usage Directions:  Ferment at 18-24 C (64-75 F) for best results.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 6 reviews )

Solid Cider Yeast

Review by Chris Hattich on 10/9/2017

Pitched the packet into 64 degree, 1.050 pear juice and fermentation started within 12 hours. Produced a solid, steady fermentation the entire way. Not a violent, explosive fermentation at all. Kept the temps in the low 60s for ten days and then allowed it to rise to the low 70s to clean up after itself. No off odors until that rise in temps and even then it wasn't terrible. The cider finished at 1.009 which seemed high (I expected it to finish dry) bit haven't experience bottle bombs or overcarbing. Leaves a pleasant level of sweetness and hopefully the off flavors will clear with a little age. Very happy with this yeast !

Much better than LALVIN EC-1118 CHAMPAGNE YEAST for cider

Review by Jay on 9/28/2016

When I use champagne yeast in my fresh press apple juice I always end up with a metallic taste. This yeast took care of that problem.

Reliable and Consistent!

Review by michael on 10/20/2015

Second year utilizing this cider yeast -- same great results! Poured into 2 gallons of cider with some agave for it chew on. Comes out great at 1.000 Gravity!

Great stuff!

Review by Jeremy Robinson on 6/13/2015

I used this yeast for a cider I made with 2lbs of added sugar and peach puree. OG was 1.064 for six gallons, and even after I managed to accidentally spill some of the yeast from the packet, it still performed admirably, bringing the finished gravity down to 1.00 without any off flavors. I will definitely be using it again!


Review by Samuel on 11/16/2014

I made a simple cider from pasteurized, no preservative juice, only added 5% dextrose and some acid for balance. At 65 degrees the airlock was bubbling merrily within 6 hours. I left it in primary for a month then cold crashed for 24. I just racked off the lees, which were beautifully compacted to a paste, and it came out crystal clear! I plan to bulk age for a couple of months (if I can wait!) but the taste is already great! The FG is 1.000, but there's still just enough sweetness to keep it from mouth puckering, and lots of fruity goodness. I've done a few cider batches the same way, but this yeast is far and away my favorite (vs some ale and wine strains). I'm going to get some more juice this week and start an assembly line! VERY PLEASED!

Feb 25, 2018 by Ray Mason

Q: I was wondering, at what alcohol content does this yeast die of alcohol poisoning? If I make a mangrove jacks cider with the pack saying alcohol should be around 5.2% and double the dextrose, will the yeast handle 10.4%?

A: Probably not, we believe the yeast would stop working at about 8% if you are making a cider kit and doubling the sugar. Adding a suitable yeast nutrient such as our item A01 will improve your chances of a lower final gravity and higher alcohol.

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