Fermentis Safcider™ AC-4 Yeast

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AC-4 is the best cider yeast if you want a fresh aromatic profile (apple, floral) in your cider. Temperature range is 50 to 86 degrees F, although an idea temperature range might be more like 60 to 72 degrees F.  Promotes a crisp mouthfeel.

5 gram pack for 5 gallons or less of cider.

 Click here to download a manufacturer's pdf data sheet.

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Review by Cheebajoe on 7/16/2022

This is my go to cider yeast I even replace the stuff that comes with the kit with this yeast as it ferments very cleanly with no sulphur or aftertaste. It works well for every flavor I've done so far, which is most of them. Highly recommend.

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