Saflager S23 Lager Yeast

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A dry lager yeast that produces a lager with a slightly fruity flavor.   Medium  flocculation, attenuation 73-77%.  11.5 gram pack. Click here to download a manufacturer's specification sheet.
Average rating 9.4 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Ole Standby

Review by Cheebajoe on 7/16/2022

This is my go to lager yeast. It makes great lagers when fermented at the proper temperature. I also add O², yeast nutrient to my wort. Never had to rehydrate it. I have made a starter for a Dopplebock that came out very well. I recommend it as an alternative to any liquid lager yeast. Should do the job well.

Lager Yeast

Review by Paul Z on 10/19/2013

I like to ferment at ambient temperatures in my shop. I brew lagers late fall to mid spring. S-23 has performed well. No starter for the fresh pack. Ferment a moderate gravity wort, then harvest yeast and brew higher gravity beers. Repeat and harvest yeast. I usually do six brews from the initial single pack.

Good yeast

Review by azzymazzy on 5/11/2010

Pros: Individual packages great for home brewer.

Cons: Same yeast is not available in larger packages. I like this yeast so much, I'd like to buy more. But buying 20+ packets seems inefficient. Packets are soft; specs say they are supposed to be filled with nitrogen and hard. Content seems to be okay though.

Great all-purpose lager yeast, SO cheap.

Review by Seymour on 7/15/2008

Pros: I used this for an American dark lager with excellent results. Very forgiving and vigorous lager yeast. Transparent, allowing full flavor of beer to shine through. Unlike the other reviewer, I didn't need a starter solution, it just kicked right in.

Good yeast if properly handled.

Review by larrymaler on 3/22/2008

Pros: This is a true bottom fermenter. What they say about it being estery, is only if you're fermenting at too high a temp, or if the wort does not have sufficent nutrients. A good wort, with nutrients, fermented at 50degC or less will be fine.

Cons: You absolutely have to rehydrate properly and then make a starter. I recommend a 1 to 1.5 quart starter.

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