10 Lbs. 4 L. German Vienna Malt

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Kilned to a slightly darker color than our Two-Row Pale Malt. The enzyme content is sufficient to support up to 40% adjuncts or specialty malts. For a pilsner, use 10 to 30% Vienna malt in the pale malt mash, while for amber beers, use 60 to 90%.  Malted by Weyermann Malting.

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Excellent in Mexican Lagers

Review by Will Schmit on 5/17/2022

I brew lagers all year, but I really like a "Mexican" style Vienna lager in the summer, and I add this stuff into Vienna-fest for later in the year...

Jan 20, 2022 by Eric Plambeck

Q: I would appreciate specifying Lintner values for your base malts. I am so impressed by how much stuff you have compared to 1979.

A: 250 for the Castle Vienna

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