Mangrove Jack's M12 Kveik Yeast

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Traditionally used to brew local farmhouse style ales in Norway, they are a relatively new phenomenon on the world brewing stage. There is actually more than one type of Kveik yeast, and each is traditionally a blend of more than one strain.

M12 Kveik Yeast is a single culture yeast that uses an isolate of the most important single strain in the natural ly mixed culture 'Voss' Kveik blend. This member of Kveik family of yeast is so called because it originates from Voss in Norway, where the cul ture has been carefully maintained by Sigmund Gjernes since the 1980s.

Each Kveik yeast has its own specific profile, but they are all known for their ability to ferment across a wide temperature range, include temperatures as high as 40°C (104°F)! Furthermore, unlike most familiar farmhouse style yeasts, which are often phenolic - Kveik ferments with an exceptionally clean taste profile, with just a delicate hint of fruity esters.

These qualities, along with their interesting backstory, have meant Kveik yeasts have become the exciting new trend in the craft brewing world, especially for brewing IPAs - the Voss Kveik being perfect for American style IPAs on account of its restrained orange-citrus flavour profile.

However, their use is potentially even more exciting for the home user, especial ly those in warmer climes, due to the reduced reliance on cool ambient fermentation temperatures.

Attenuation: High (77-82 %)

Flocculation: Very High (5/5)

Usage Directions: Sprinkle contents directly onto a maximum of 23 L (6 US Gal) of wort. Suitable to ferment 20-40 °C (68-104 °F) but for optimal results ferment at 30-40 °C (86-104 F).

Storage Recommendations: Store in the fridge.

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Very Impressed

Review by A. Donner on 1/28/2023

I had never tried Kveik yeast before, but having tasted some Norwegian beers in the past, I gave it a try using a simple recipe so I could taste the yeast and/or the results. The beer I made has a clean taste with subtle citrus undertones. It is definitely worth a try.

Try making Braggot

Review by Michael McNalley on 9/28/2022

I had brewed for a while now and got tire of the old hem-ha around ( recent ) beer trends. I got into brewing Viking Braggot a while ago. Next level and new platform. Google it. Try it. This yeast will show you a long lost tradition.

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