3724 Belgian Saison

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This yeast produces an ale with spicy and complex aromatics, very tart and dry, which finishes crisp with mild acidity. Flocculation: low, attenuation: 76-80%. Ideal fermentation temperature: 70° - 85° F.

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Mixed results

Review by Nick on 3/26/2015

I made a starter and aerated the wort well, yet the fermentation stuck at 1.028 after 3 weeks at 80 degrees. Added a packet of Belle Saison dry yeast to finish off the fermentation. The beer has good flavor overall and is finishing nice and dry. The last Saison I made was with Belle Saison dry yeast and I think I will go back to it after this experience. Much faster to final gravity (2 weeks vs 6 weeks) with an even spicier finish.

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