3787 Belgian High Gravity

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A classic strain for brewing Belgian dubbel or Belgian tripel. This Abbey strain produces a nice balance of complex fruity esters and phenolics, making it desirable for use in other Belgian style ales as well. A flocculent, true top cropping yeast (additional headspace is recommended), that will work over a broad temperature range. This strain makes a great Belgian style “house” strain.
Ferments dry Medium flocculation, attenuation: 75-80%. Ideal temperature range: 64-78°F.

Formerly named Trappist

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Quick starting and good attenuation

Review by John Vossler on 2/13/2017

The smack pack was swollen almost to bursting within 14 hours. It continued to be a high producer after pitching. I had to change airlocks several times in the first few days as the foam was blowing out the airlock. This batch I transferred to the secondary fermentor 2 days ago. Gravity showed it almost to the expected gravity for it to be finished. I am very impressed with this yeast.


Review by Mark D. on 6/5/2012

This is the classic strain for authentic Dubbels and Tripels. Without temperature control, I can only brew with this yeast in July and August (it does want to ferment at 64 or higher), but I look forward to it every summer.

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