1762 Belgian Abby Ale 11

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A Belgian strain capable of fermenting high gravity ales with the distinct warming of higher alcohol content. Slightly fruity with a dry finish, low esters for the style. Flocculation: medium, attenuation: 73-77%. Temperature range 65-75° F. 125 ml pack.

Average rating 9.8 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Great Belgian dubbel yeast

Review by Sean D. on 12/1/2021

I like this yeast as it offers a bit of a wetter finish than the Belgian Abbey I liquid yeast. The malt seems to come through a bit stronger and this yeast does a nice job for higher gravity beers. Has the nice flowery aroma of typical Belgians and helps to keep your Belgian true to style.

A not-so-Belgiany Belgian ale

Review by Steve R on 4/29/2019

I've used this 3 times for Abby-style Belgian ales, including one batch that was in the keg for over a year. It's the yeast to use if you want something distinctly Belgian but without the more extreme/unusual characteristics of some Belgian styles. For me, it has not produced strong estery banana/clove or phenolic flavors, and has not gotten tart like (for example) Roeselare Ale does with aging.

Whistling Airlock!

Review by James on 5/13/2011

I'm trying this for the first time but so far it's the only yeast that's made my airlock sing! Lots of action in the carboy. I can't wait to taste the finish product although it will be a while. The Belgian Quad takes forever! :)

Good and mellow

Review by jeremy S. on 8/3/2009

Pros: This is good Yeast! I have used this repeatedly for higher gravity brews (monster barley wines etc.) and it has finished out strong with nice mellow tones.

Cons: potential for blow offs

mad masher

Review by Doc B. on 7/20/2008

Pros: Great Yeast! Fast starting and high alcohol yield as advertised. This yeast also adds a nice mellow flavor and smooth finish to the beer. I used it to make a very high gravity barley wine.

Cons: Very volatile, lots of blow off. Recommend lots of head space in primary fermentor!!

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