3522 Belgian Ardennes

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A classic Belgian ale yeast. Phenolic flavor develops with increased fermentation temperatures, along with a mild fruitiness and complex spicy character. Flocculation: high, attenuation: 72-76%. Temperature range: 65°-85° F.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Huge Kreusen

Review by Ed on 8/2/2016

This culture really creates a huge kreusen! I have it in my primary for 10 days now and it's still fermenting. Is this normal for this strain of yeast? I always have top notch service from Williams!


Review by Jeffrey on 10/25/2013

WOW! This yeast is fantastic. Great flavor complexity: spicy with undertones of oak. SG: 1.079, FG: 1.005, ABV: 9.8. 41 days in fermenter. Low esters, alcohol high but understated. Very clear. Will use again...over and over.

great for a hot summer

Review by surinder on 3/25/2013

Used to make two Saisons - 6.5% and 7.5% ABV. I fermented both at 70F for the first 3 days then let the first rise to 75F and the second to 85F. Both performed beautifully, but I think I prefer the 85F version better.

Good performance

Review by Jerry on 9/5/2011

I used a yeast starter and pitched into a Belgian trippel and it worked great. Good fermentation and flocculation. Creates a very clean looking ale. I will use again.

great yeast for a farmhouse ale

Review by brian k. on 7/11/2008

Pros: this yeast fermented fantastically at 90 degrees giving my farmhouse ale a wonderful aroma and flavor. i saved the yeast from my primary and plan to use it again. really great product that cultured up very well to proper pitching rate.

Cons: none that anyone brewing a belgian ale doesnt already know: it may take a long time to finish, but this is typical of these varieties.

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