1728 Scottish Ale

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Ideal for malty Scottish ale-styles. This yeast lets the malt flavor come through. High flocculation, attenuation: 69-73%. Ideal temperature range: 55-70°F.

Average rating 9.75 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

great yeast

Review by Daniel on 1/23/2014

Nice clean yeast that really lets the malt shine. I started using this yeast for my Scotch ales but have since moved on to using it for so much more. It has a wide temperature range and is very versitile. Overall great strain.


Review by Charlie on 5/2/2011

Made a Scotish 80/- with this yeast. Fermented fast and clean. Will use it again.

Great for high-gravity British ales

Review by Lawrence G. on 2/7/2010

Pros: Cleaner than most UK yeasts, with a high alcohol tolerance. Quickly drops clear once it's finished. A no-brainer for strong Scottish ales, but great for other UK styles as well. I've currently got this going on a 1.100 Wee Heavy, and in five days it's down to 1.037 and not slowing down much. When that's done, I plan to wash and pitch to a strong Irish stout, and perhaps an 80 Schilling ale as well. One of my favorite yeasts, very versatile!

Cons: None, it's a somewhat specific strain that also has a wide range of applications.

A Fantastic yeast for your Scottish ales

Review by William D. on 3/14/2006

Pros: This one does impart some very nice qualities in the brew. The malty flavors come out very nicely.

Cons: Haven't come across any cons yet - have used it quite a bit and been happy with it always!!

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