1028 London Ale Yeast

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A traditional top-fermenting yeast that leaves a soft, almost bready flavor in the finished ale. Excellent for English bitter and pale ale styles. Medium flocculation, attenuation: 73-77%. Ideal temperature range: 60-72°F.

Average rating 7.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

yeast did'nt work

Review by surinder on 4/1/2013

I broke the inner packet on Friday night, brewed Sunday, dropped the yeast Sunday night and totalled the English Bitter kit when the yeast didn't go anywhere. And the packet had expanded as expected. I know people can say I didn't do XYZ but this isn't my first rodeo. And I know Williams sells lots of yeast - But for me it was a complete waste. So beware!

Great for porters

Review by David on 11/5/2012

I have used this yeast for a couple of pale ales and like the dry finish. I wasn't sure how that would go in a porter, but I gave it a try. The recipe was solid (an all-Munich malt base, which was a little different but turned out great) and I think this yeast really made it shine. It doesn't have a lot of that English estery character but, as described above, does more to accentuate the malt character of the brew. And it does finish dry, but not to an extreme.

Microbiologist likes this yeast

Review by rog brideau on 1/28/2012

I am a microbiologist and maintained this yeast for over 1 year without issues and used it monthly for 5.5 gallon extract brewing. Glad to see you provide quality products.

Good for English Ales

Review by Adam R. on 2/16/2010

Pros: This yeast delivers pretty much as advertised. You will get soft bready tones and a bit of a fruity finish. This is a good choice for a bitter or even a mild ale.

Cons: A bit more fruity then expected, but fermentation temps. may have something to do with it.

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