0-30 PSI Ball Lock Brewer's Edge® Mini Regulator

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Take your beer with you when you go to the beach, camping, a game, or to a party. Our Mini C02 System is lightweight and portable, and combines the precision of a full sized C02 regulator with the compactness of a simple air pump or C02 injector.

Our Ball Lock Mini Regulator takes Brewer's Edge 74 gram C02 cartridges (with standard 5/8-18 NPT threads), which hold enough gas to dispense a carbonated 5 gallon ball-lock keg. It can also be adapted to common 16 gram threaded C02 cartridges with optional adapter L15.  If you get adapter L15, you can also use Sodastream C02 tanks with another optional adapter R44.

Features a 0-30 psi C02 regulator that features precise adjustment via the calibrated top adjustment knob.  With this 0-30 PSI model, you can both dispense and force carbonate. Fits ball-lock kegs and includes the pictured stainless ball lock keg connector.

The flared outlet on the side that goes to the stainless ball lock fitting can be unscrewed and leaves a 1/8" female NPT port. Into this port you can screw any 1/8" NPT male thread hose barb or threaded outlet (such as our item I80).  

The regulator does not include a pictured cartridge, you will be offered a chance to order these when you put this in your cart. Note that C02 cartridges cannot be shipped by air or express, and cannot be shipped outside the lower 48 states due to aviation and postal regulations.

FOR C02 ONLY: This regulator is designed for use with C02 only, and should not be used with higher pressure argon or nitrogen gas.

Average rating 8.28571428571429 out of 10 ( based on 7 reviews )

Nice Regulator

Review by Robert on 6/9/2021

The Brewer's Edge Mini Regulator appears to be a very well made product. I was impressed with the build quality and how easy it is to adjust. It holds pressure well and most importantly doesn't leak. I look forward to using this at music festivals and campouts. Thank you William's Brewing!


Review by Forrest Jones on 3/27/2019

Have had frequent problems with setting and holding pressure. Have done repairs recommended and have not had good results.

mini regulator

Review by Stephen Ruch on 1/3/2018

This is the second mini regulator that I've purchased. I was very happy with the first one and the second one was put into use as soon as I got it,

Mini CO2 Regulator

Review by Francisco on 5/23/2016

Ordered two of these regulators for a portable barrel kegerator I built. Since space was tight I chose this as my delivery method. Worked excellent and was easy to use. The dial for the regulator real sensitive but, stays at it's setting when dialed in. I would definitely recommend getting one. I got plenty of compliments on my kegerator and easy to use set up. Great product. Cheers!!!!

Solid and compact

Review by I Brown on 1/8/2016

I use this with the cartridges and the paintball adapter and no longer have to drive to the fire extinguisher service shop to get C02. Accurate and easy to use.

Jan 06, 2020 by GG

Q: Other than the pressure gauge, is there any advantage in using this item over the D55 "micro" regulator? Does the mini regulator give better accuracy/precision?

A: As far as dispensing pressure accuracy, both regulators are equal. The D55 does offer the gauge, which is the primary difference.

Apr 28, 2018 by Brian

Q: This item, D74, comes with the regulator and right-angle ball lock connector as pictured? Thanks !

A: Yes, it comes just like the picture. In between the connector and the regulator is a check valve flare fitting and washer (also included)

Feb 26, 2018 by Joe

Q: Could you buy an adapter to allow this to work with a normal Co2 canister? What size would you buy?

A: No, this only works with C02 cartridges.

Jan 02, 2018 by Kurt

Q: Can this regulator be connected to a 5lb Co2 tank?

A: No, it is setup to take threaded C02 cartridges only.

Mar 16, 2017 by David

Q: Will one CO2 cartridge force carbonate a 5 gallon keg to 2.5 vol?

A: Assuming no leaks in any equipment, figure one 74 gram cartridge will carbonate to 2.5 volumes and then be exhausted. You will probably need to tap another 74 gram cartridge to dispense the entire keg once carbonated.

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