Mini Regulator 16 Gram Adapter

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This adapter screws into all Brewer's Edge Mini Cartridge Regulators (except our D70 Paintball Tank Mini Regulator) so you can use lightweight 16 gram threaded C02 cartridges (with 3/8-24 UNF threads). Fits our item numbers D74, D76, D58, and D62.

Does not fit Leland brand regulators or Brewer's Edge Micro Regulators (which already come with a 16 gram threaded adapter).

Sep 15, 2022 by David

Q: Does anyone know if 12gram threaded cartridges have the same threads as a 16gram? And are the threads on the male side the same as a 45gram cartridge? I have a Brewer's Edge regulator I purchased here years ago and a bunch of 12gram carts.

A: 12 gram threaded should have 3/8-24 UNF threads, which are the same as our 16 gram threaded cartridges item B36. For the 45 gram and 74 gram C02, they use different threading, 5/8-18 If your older Brewer's Edge regulator takes 45 gram and 74 gram cartridges, this adapter should let it take 3/8-24 threaded cartridges.

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