Duotight Regulator with 60 PSI Gauge

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This 8mm Duotight compatible regulator with 0-60 PSI gauge fits 8mm outer diameter EvaBarrier tubing. Suitable for gas, all components are food grade. The included gauge is accurate to plus or minus 6 PSI.

Note: This unit comes with a 0-60 PSI gauge that is only ¾" in diameter. If you intend to use this regulator in the 10 to 30 PSI range, you will need to order optional gauge C93, which reads 0-30 PSI. Below 10 psi, this regulator is not very accurate. You will also need EvaBarrier tubing to connect this regulator, either our item number Z91 or Z92.

This is perfect for reducing the pressure of one gas line in a draft system - for example, with a single regulator and C02 bottle, you can set the pressure at the C02 bottle with the larger regulator (not included) and then put this regulator inline to reduce the pressure. Handy for when you want to carbonate one keg at 25 PSI and dispense another at 10 PSI.

Below is a video by Martin Keen from his channel called the Homebrew Challenge. He shows how to set up multiple pressures using this regulator in his keezer.

Average rating 6 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

Why 60?

Review by Haygood on 1/25/2023

Love the idea of being able to control the pressure on each keg, but why did they put a 0-60 psi gauge on it? I never go over 30 for carbing and usually have it below 5 for serving. Would rather have a 0-30 so the numbers would be easier to set. I could buy, and probably will, the 0-30 psi gauge, but that's just more cost to me.

Pretty good, not flawless

Review by Jakub Dudek on 5/7/2021

I've had some issues with a couple of these leaking. I did get beer going through them by mistake (I did not have a check valve, I do now), but I was under the impression these regulators work with liquid. I disassemble and cleaned but they were leaking in the end. Williams sent replacement (I believe keg land supports a warranty on these) and my latest setup has been pretty stable. When it's working, it's quite nice. Small, easy to assemble with duotight fittings. A little hard to dial in the pressure sometimes with the large pressure range on the gauge, but I have replaced the gauges with the 30psi ones. It seems to me the 30 psi gauge should be default, not the 60 one. Overall pretty happy with these, and in spite of the few hiccups, much better than the old way with big regulators.

Didn't work for me

Review by William Barnes on 5/5/2021

Tried this for a month or so. It would not regulated pressure below about 18 psi. Four keg system and the beer was over carbonated. Returned to my previous setup.

Apr 01, 2021 by Hall

Q: Can I use Sealproof's gas line (5/16" ID x 9/16" OD; 8mm ID x 14mm OD) in lieu of EvaBarrier tubing? I already have this CO2 line.

A: This regulator fits 8mm outer diameter tubing (5/16"), so 14mm outer diameter is too large and would not fit.

Feb 11, 2021 by punkdigerati

Q: Would this be suitable for flow control of a carbonated beverage, say attached directly to the QD with 5ft line going to the shank?

A: We recommend this be used with gas only, so no.

Jan 07, 2021 by Greg Martin

Q: Which side is the feed and which goes to the keg?

A: The side with the gauge on it is the out side that goes to the keg.

Nov 07, 2020 by Tim

Q: Is there any difference between this valve and the sponding valve other than pressure?

A: The Blowtie Spunding Valve is more sensitive to lower pressures, the regulator cannot be used as a Spunding Valve accurately in the 0-15 PSI range.

Oct 21, 2020 by Phillip Bond

Q: How is it looking for inventory to be in in October?

A: Should be in stock around October 30th.

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