Polypropylene Gas Board for 6 Inline Regulators

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This food grade polypropylene board features drilled holes for up to 6 Duotight Regulators (item C11). Drilled mounting holes are also included so that once you mount the regulators and DuoTight fittings/tubing to the board, you can also install the board in a convenient location.

Note that pictured regulators, screws, Duotight fittings, labels, and EvaBarrier tubing are not included. This is just a base board. 16.6" long, 10" wide, 3/8" thick.

To fully outfit this board you will need:

C11 Duotight Regulators

Z95 Duotight 8mm Tee Pieces

1 X28 Duotight 8mm Elbow

12 C70 8mm Duotight Joiners

Sep 14, 2022 by Justin Baker

Q: What size screws should be used for mounting the regulators?

A: A #6 screw will work.

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