Polypropylene Gas Board for 4 Inline Regulators

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This sturdy food grade polypropylene board features drilled holes for up to 4 Duotight Regulators (item C11). Drilled mounting holes are also included so that once you mount the regulators and DuoTight fittings/tubing to the board, you can also install the board in a convenient location. Also included are cutout boxes so you can line up 4 labels above the regulators.

Note that pictured regulators, screws, Duotight fittings, labels, and EvaBarrier tubing are not included. This is just a base board. 12" wide, 10.25" tall, and 3/8" thick.

To fully outfit this board you will need:

4 C11 Duotight Regulators

3 Z95 Duotight 8mm Tee Pieces

1 X28 Duotight 8mm Elbow

8 C70 8mm Duotight Joiners

Jan 09, 2022 by Adrian Gresores

Q: What type and size screws would you recommend?

A: The holes have been drilled to accept metric screws. The holes for mounting the regulators are M3 and the holes for mounting the board are M5. We recommend using machine screws and nuts for mounting the regulators. Where you choose to mount the board itself will dictate what type of screws to use.

Aug 18, 2021 by Mariano

Q: What are the measurement of the board?

A: They are 31cms x 26 cms.

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