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This adapter lets you fill Sodastream® C02 tanks with any 5 pound or larger C02 tank with a standard CGA320 valve (like the type used in draft beer systems). Save a lot of money compared with buying small Sodastream cylinders. Fits all screw on (not quick release) Sodastream C02 tanks.

Note that newer Sodastream cylinders have an valve that makes it harder to refill them as shown in the picture above. To see more about this on the video below, skip to 4:50 in the video. They must be filled very slowly to avoid having the gas pressure shut off the valve.

NOTE: You must have internet access in order to access the video directions to safely use this product, so do not order this product if internet access is not available where the product is to be used (video directions are below).

Please click HERE for important filling instructions. Safety glasses must be worn during Sodastream filling.

Average rating 8.66666666666666 out of 10 ( based on 6 reviews )

Fills my soda stream tank

Review by Adam on 3/12/2023

Does what it’s supposed to. My first tank I only got 200g in. The second I was able to fill all the way. It seemed important to freeze the empty tank for a few hours to get it really cold. Measure your empty and full tank to get an idea how close you get too. My empty soda stream tanks are 7-8hundred grams. When full, it usually weighs 1150-1200g

Doesn’t work

Review by George Bentley on 11/16/2022

I’m pretty handy and tried every way possible and got nothing in my tank with this adapter. Don’t waste your $.

This is a game changer

Review by Amanda on 5/11/2022

Super fast delivery, and this thing works like a charm! We had two older Sodastream canisters with the small valve so it filled up in a few seconds. The component seems to be made of super durable material. Amazing. Thank you!

Works well

Review by Jessica on 1/17/2021

This works pretty well. Real tricky at first, but I'm getting better fills now. It took quite a few attempts to open the valve the correct amount, it is very easy to open too fast/much. after 6 refilled soda stream bottles, I am still only getting them a little over half full, but that doesn't concern me, I think I'll catch on. Very glad this product exists

Works well, get the right tank

Review by Rebecca on 9/25/2020

This works well but definitely watch the video for instructions. They are not kidding in the video about needing to fill the tank slowly lest you trip the valve! Also, in the video they use a smaller tank and turn it upside down. We went to Airgas and got a 20 lb tank with a siphon (a tube inside the tank) - getting one with a siphon means you don't have to physically turn it upside down. Nice to be able to get the bigger tank and not have to worry about that. Shipping was fast - good customer service.

Mar 16, 2023 by Andrew

Q: When I try to fill up the soda stream with the adapter, most of the air leaks from the silver knob on the adapter. How do I prevent the air from escaping there?

A: Check out the pictures on our webpage for Z50 and compare it to the Soda Stream bottle you have. I suspect you have the new design. If so you must fill the bottle slowly. Try opening the valve on your Co2 bottle slowly and only partially and that should solve the problem.

Feb 04, 2023 by Alex

Q: My CO2 cylinder has a QF-35C valve. Do you have an adapter compatible with this valve?

A: No, we do not have an adapter, this only fits a CGA320 C02 valve.

Mar 08, 2022 by Heather

Q: Could you use this with a 20 lb tank that had an eductor tube?

A: It should work, but we haven't tried it before. Be sure to watch the video from Kegland on our website before attempting to fill a Sodastream bottle. It seems like you would be able to fill the Sodastream bottle without having to invert the Co2 bottle as shown in the Kegland video. That being said we can not confirm or recommend filling a Sodastream bottle using this method.

Jul 19, 2021 by Tony

Q: Searching for 'cga340 valve' does not seem to return anything. Is this a typo? The tanks I'm finding seem to all come with cga320 valves. Will I need some other adapter?

A: Yes, sorry, this is a typo which we have fixed, it takes a CGA320 valve.

Apr 07, 2021 by Peter Simon

Q: Does this adapter work with Drinkmate 14.5oz / 60ML bottles. It looks like they have a slightly different adapter.

A: We have not tested this item with the Drinkmate or any other brand of CO2 bottles. It is only for use with Sodastream CO2 bottles. Attempting to fill other brands of cylinders with this item could result it serious injury and is therefore not recommended.

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