KegLand Type D Duotight Stainless Sankey With Relief Valve

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This "D' type Sankey coupler fits many American commercial beer kegs, including most microbrews. Includes Duotight 8mm fittings for beer out and gas in lines.  This KegLand unit is made of type 304 stainless, and is suitable for beer, wine, and coffee dispensing.

This coupler includes a pressure relief valve.

If you are buying a KegLand Kegerator, this includes everything you need to hook up to the EvaBarrier tubing included with the Kegerator.

This can also be converted to ball locks, just order items P61 and P62, screw them on, and attach your female ball lock fittings.

To make this lower profile, order optional adapter P64

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Check Valve

Review by Evan on 6/29/2020

Seems well made. To install the gas check valve you need to remove the black oring from the duotight.

Nov 26, 2022 by Sean Hanna

Q: To piggyback on the previous question, what is the purpose of the ball on the output side? The coupler pours terribly slow and foamy with that ball in place. Without it it works perfectly fine. It's not a carbonation issue as my other couplers work fine as well.

A: It's a check valve and all it does is prevent the beer in the line from leaking when you remove the tapper from the keg. Remove it or not, it's up to you.

Jul 02, 2022 by James

Q: Is that ball required? I have this and the poor is way slow and 90% foam. Was thinking it’s to restrictive.

A: Yes, the ball in the output side is required. I would pull the pressure relief valve and relieve some keg pressure. It sounds like the keg might be overcarbonated.

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