Low Profile Sankey Adapter

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Does your kegerator have a lack of headroom for your kegs?  This stainless elbow reduces the head space needed when using a Sankey Coupler. Just screw this on with the included Q93 Shank Sealing Washer and your Sankey does not require as much space for its upper beer output nipple or fitting. Standard sankey/shank threading means you can attach the same fittings to the horizontal part of the elbow as you can to the top of the Sankey.

This also includes our part Q93 Shank Sealing Washer, so you can seal the metal to metal surfaces between this and your Sankey Coupler.

Average rating 9.2 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Slight Issue

Review by Jim Riffe on 6/27/2021

I purchased three of these, but on my first attempt to use one I may not have installed properly. I used teflon tape on the threads (not sure if this is needed or if I did it correctly) yet still had a leak. The part is well made and solves the clearance problem of 1/4 kegs in a kegerator. I think my issue is that I tried to add the part while everything was still inside the kegerator. I'll hopefully figure this issue out. I think I'm the failure and not the part.

A Must Have For Kegerator Clearance

Review by Browneye on 7/31/2019

Commercial kegs are taller than corny-kegs anyway, and then the standard liquid connector makes them stupid-tall. This reduces overall height to just a shade more than a corny. For you home-brewers that buy a commercial once in awhile like I do, this and the ball-lock adapters lets them hook up to any one of your taps without fiddling with hoses and clamps. Once you go beer on tap you never go back!

Works very well for my needs!

Review by Summoner12 on 9/19/2016

I don't need this item because I have tight clearances but if I did, this elbow does the trick. My main purpose for this fitting is to have my beer line and CO2 line come together more neatly inside of my keezer. It is a bit of a pricey item for just that, but this item at it's current price is half the price I've seen at other online retailers (ATOP 9/19/16). Fit and finish is great and a great value.


Review by heasley on 11/5/2015

I prefer the old model sold by Williams that was not cast and whose female end had a loose nut so that the outlet could be positioned in any orientation desired. For example, it could be aligned so that the tavernhead inlet and outlet were aligned for easier hose management. The old model however had a higher profile, which was fine for my needs. Otherwise, this part is very useful for tall sanke kegs in low profile refrigeration boxes.

Worked perfectly

Review by Matthew Erickson on 3/27/2015

The price was the best i could find, the space savings (about 2-3 inches, surprisingly) was perfect for me. I have two different style taps, one was also taller than the other so I saved space there too. The build quality is as expected, seems to be of high quality metal and no clear defects. Not complaints.

Jan 13, 2020 by Cuong

Q: What is height dimension of the product?

A: It is 1" tall, and 2" long

Nov 03, 2018 by Mike

Q: Will this work with the ball lock drew on adapters?

A: It will work with our items P61 and P62 Sankey Ball Lock Conversion Posts

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