Sankey Ball Lock Gas Side Converter

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This stainless gas side fitting screws onto the gas in fitting of any Sanke coupler, and converts it to accept gas ball lock fittings. Makes it really easy to switch between a commercial keg and a ball lock home brewing keg. This is just the horizontal gas side, you will need to order P62 (beer side which goes on top) in order to make both sides of your Sankey coupler ball lock.

Includes inner sealing washer. To prevent leaks, tighten by hand firmly, and then use a wrench to tighten 1/4 of a turn. Overtightening will distort the inner sealing washer, causing leaks.

Average rating 9.375 out of 10 ( based on 16 reviews )

Works as expected

Review by Eric on 5/14/2020

Instead of dealing with hose clamps and different sizes and switching between types of kegs, this just lets you use your ball lock to corny keg adapter on a sankey type coupler. Just sanitize, screw it on, sanitize the top, and slide the ball lock part over it.


Review by Matt on 2/3/2019

Works well. Makes it easy to swap keg types.

Great fitting!

Review by Fred on 1/17/2019

I no longer have to cut off tubing going back and forth from commercial kegs and my corny kegs!


Review by Johnny M on 11/7/2018

I bought this and the beer side adapter and am happy with the whole set up. Every once in a while I will pick up a keg of microbrew to accompany my homebrew. With these adapters, I no longer have to remove the ball lock fittings to attach to the sankey tap. Quick and easy!

Best price I could find.

Review by Jim on 11/15/2017

About the best price for these--some retailers really gouge you for them. Shipping was reasonable and fast.

Feb 16, 2022 by Todd R

Q: How can you tell the liquid side adapter from the gas side adapter?

A: The gas side has a fine line etched into the side, while the beer side is completely smooth.

Sep 06, 2018 by Sam

Q: Will both this one and the liquid side converter work on Type S Couplers?

A: Yes, they will work on all the couplers we sell.

Apr 13, 2017 by Brian

Q: I see the Sanke couplers you sell have hose barb gas side fittings. Will this work with either of them (are the hose barbs removeable)?

A: Yes, the hose barbs come right off the inlet gas side when you unscrew the nut, and then you screw this converter onto the threads.

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