Keg Land Stainless Beer Ball Lock Threaded

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Made from the highest quality stainless steel to last a lifetime. For the beer side (usually marked OUT) of a ball-lock equipped keg. This fitting features a 1/4" male threaded flare fitting, to fit any 1/4" female threaded flare attachment. The black ring around the base indicates that it is a beer fitting (gas fittings are grey). 2.25" high.

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Short and Stubby (but that's a good thing!)

Review by Dave on 10/21/2016

Very good solid's pricey, but I know for sure this will hold up...over time I may upgrade my whole setup. The main thing though: It's a good 1/8 inch shorter than the stubbiest of any other plastic/nylon ball lock connector that I've ever found! This, plus the fact that the outlet comes straight out of the side at 90 degrees (instead of up and out at around 45 degrees like pretty much all connectors) means that is has a solid 3/8ths to 1/2 inch lower clearance. If you have a tight setup (I'm in an old commercial kegerator where the clearance below the condenser unit makes it impossible to slide a ball lock all the way under with the connector on) this connector is a must!

Perfect height

Review by Charles on 11/9/2016

It was perfect height to add Perlick faucet to 5 gallon keg, inside a KEEZER with no collar.

Well Built

Review by Paul on 1/30/2017

Hey look around on the internet. I found these elsewhere but they were a lot more expensive. These are very well made, solid and will probably out last me. You can't beat this price for SOLID stainless steel. Basically only twice as much as plastic and they will last forever.

Watch their video...

Review by Tim Q on 7/3/2017

With a smooth click the fitting lands home. I'm hooked! At 10 minutes 2 seconds, the Keg King video is a bit long but you'll learn so much about ball lock fittings.

low profile

Review by Phil on 11/1/2017

With these i can stack kegs in my converted refrigerator kegerator. These are solid, with little "give," so when it's on, it's on. Depresses the poppet like it's supposed to and beer flows. My previous plastic connectors appeared to be locked down, but beer would not flow.

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Aug 21, 2019 by William

Q: Is the internal gasket available as a separate part?

A: No, although a good hardware store might have the O ring you need.

Nov 06, 2018 by Brian

Q: Are these 100% stainless steel including the internal ball bearings?

A: Yes

Jul 13, 2017 by Mike

Q: Can it be disassembled for cleaning? Is it made in China?

A: Yes, they can be disassembled although most people just flush them with hot water. They are made in China.

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