Keg Land Stainless Gas Ball Lock Threaded

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Made from 304 stainless to last a lifetime. For the beer side (usually marked OUT) of a ball-lock equipped keg. This fitting features a 1/4" male threaded flare fitting, to fit any 1/4" female threaded flare attachment. The white nylon ring around the base indicates that it is a gas fitting (beer fittings are black). 2.25" high.

These fit modern kegs only: If you have older USA made ball lock kegs, you will find this ball lock fitting does not fit as it is machined a bit tighter than the old standard. These fit KegLand, AEB, Old Ale,Torpedo, and other modern kegs, BUT DO NOT FIT OLDER CORNELIUS, SPARTANBURG, FIRESTONE, ALLOY PRODUCTS, AND OTHER OLD UNBRANDED KEGS.

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Too snug

Review by Robert on 6/15/2020

2 out of 3 that I purchased won't fit on my Torpedo keg posts, no matter how hard I try. Probably the fault of the keg, but a nuisance nonetheless. No problems with the liquid side. I guess I'll keep plastic on the gas and stainless on the liquid.

High quality ball lock piece

Review by Eric on 5/14/2020

This piece is well built and rugged which is why I wanted it. Fits the post as expected - be sure to check the color of the band and which post you end up putting it on!

low profile

Review by Phil on 11/1/2017

With these i can stack kegs in my converted refrigerator kegerator .

Really, watch the video

Review by Tim Q on 7/3/2017

With a smooth click the fitting lands home. I'm hooked! At 10 minutes 2 seconds, the Keg King video is a bit long but you'll learn so much about ball lock fittings.

Well Built

Review by PJ Brewer on 1/30/2017

Hey look around on the internet. I found these elsewhere but they were a lot more expensive. These are very well made, solid and will probably out last me. You can't beat this price for SOLID stainless steel. Basically only twice as much as plastic and they will last forever.

Jan 15, 2022 by Eric

Q: Will these work on the old Pepsi kegs?

A: We find they often do not work on older Pepsi type kegs. They work best on new ball lock kegs.

Jan 08, 2018 by Benjamin

Q: Is there a "swivel nut" available for this coupler that will fit 5/16" inside diameter gas tubing?

A: Yes, our item D08. Make sure you use a D87 Concave washer with this to seal.

Oct 24, 2017 by SS

Q: How much above the rubber handles of a ball lock does this fitting stick out?

A: 1 1/8" inch above.

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