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Expand your flavor horizon and keep your beer pickup tube from getting clogged up. This 300 mesh stainless infuser tube is 11" long and 2½" wide,and will hold up to 8 oz. of pellet hops, spices, wood, fruit, or whatever you prefer.

It will fit kegs 2½ gallons and larger, and all wide mouth fermenters including the FerMonster. A hanging loop is provided in the top, along with an adjustable length stainless chain with joiner, similar to a pull chain commonly used with lamps except smaller diameter and stainless.
Average rating 9.2 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Love this tube

Review by Kerry on 9/10/2019

I’ve used this tube for hops, wood chips, and shredded coconut. It holds a lot. I like that it’s stainless steel. It does a great job. One more note: When I received this tube, I thought it snapped on. When I loaded a bunch of hops into the tube, as I was lowering it into my fermenter, the bottom dropped off into the abyss. I called William’s Brewing and told them what happened. They said it should screw on not snap on. They sent me another stainless tube in case the one at the bottom of my fermenter was defective. After fermentation was over I fished it out and put the cap back on and turned it and voila; it does screw on. I called William's and told them what happened (my fault, operator error) and that I wanted to send the replacement tube back; since the first one worked correctly. They said keep the replacement. This company is fantastic. I will be doing all my brewing business with them. Thanks William’s.

Not sure why there isn't mesh in the lid?

Review by Bruce on 9/5/2018

I have seen ones online that seem to have the same mesh as the sides underneath the lid, given the lid has small holes that are significantly bigger than the mesh holes. Not sure why the lid needs holes at all, given the bottom doesn't have any. That said, it doesn't seem to leak a lot of hop material through the lid, as the hops seem to bunch up against the lid.

Good for the price

Review by Glenn Peters on 3/8/2018

It works well for dry hopping. I wish the lid screwed on though. The lid hasn't come off mid dry hop yet, but it's not a real positive connection. William's Brewing Responds: The lid is threaded, perhaps you received one that did not have a threaded lid? Let us know and we can take care of this. Thanks!

perfect for dry hopping

Review by BRUCE PATRICK on 8/24/2017

This unit is the perfect size for dry hopping in the keg. I use a lid with a tab attached on the inside and then use fishing line to attach the tube. I generally only use 3 to 6 ounces of hops at a time but I can see that it will easily hold 8 ounces. This is much much easier than using a hop sock or wrapping cheese cloth around the hops.

works well

Review by Jeffrey Frei on 8/24/2017

Handy little dandy for my whole cone hops. Good deal at only twenty bucks.

Oct 16, 2020 by Dan

Q: Are the holes in the lid covered with mesh as well?

A: No, they are just perforations.

Feb 07, 2018 by Bob

Q: Is the mesh fine enough to dry hop with pellet hops, or is it useful only for whole hops?

A: It works with both pellet and whole hops.

Feb 07, 2018 by Rick Von

Q: How many ounces of whole hops will it hold?

A: One ounce if you just drop them in, although you could stuff as much as two ounces in it.

Nov 14, 2017 by Sean

Q: Does it come with a chain or something to hang it buy? If so, how long is it?

A: No, it does not come with a chain. You can use a white nylon twist tie, fishing line, or a small stainless chain you provide.

Aug 04, 2017 by Dan

Q: Could this also be used in the boil ?

A: Yes

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