Bench Corker

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This Bench Corker is ideal for those who want an easy to use corker that compresses and rams home the cork in one motion of the handle. Fits all wine bottles except magnums, and works with all the corks we sell. 42” tall.

This also works with Belgian Ale Corks and Belgian Ale Bottles, although you will have to learn to not press the handle all the way down (about half way is fine) to keep half the cork out of the bottle so it mushrooms. Made in Portugal.

Average rating 9.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Bench Corker

Review by Frank W. on 5/18/2011

This bench corker is simple and very sturdy. Used to cork Belgium ale style corks and found very easy to set up. To avoid Belgium cork to run all the way down, recommend to fit rubber stopper on press rod to act as stop.

Bench Corker

Review by Robert on 9/8/2011

I have used this corker to bottle homemade meads and wines. It is solidly constructed and works well, making it a good value for the money.

Works Even Better than Expected - Solid Construction

Review by Christofer on 2/19/2014

Made in Portugal for an Italian company an almost certainly designed with the European home winemaker in mind - this thing is built to last. I couldn't believe how easily it corked my Belgian beer bottles. I think a lot of the stuff made in Europe for family winemaking is of excellent quality and this is no exception. This is probably the last corker you will ever need and an excellent value.

Essential for any home wine maker

Review by Juan on 3/5/2019

Works phenomenally and made corking my mead a breeze. I can't wait to test this out on corking Belgian ales.

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