William's Root Beer Extract

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William's Soda Extracts are the finest available, for a rich, old-fashioned flavor.   One 4 ounce bottle (and 3 pounds of corn sugar or equivalent) will make 3 gallons of rich non alcoholic soda using the traditional mix and carbonate method. Or even better, keg and inject C02 for a more even and predictable carbonation level.

Safety Warning:  If you bottle condition with champagne yeast, use plastic PET bottles, as glass bottles could explode, causing personal injury. Carbonating with yeast can be unreliable, and some batches may turn out flat, while others can be overcarbonated.

For soda making instructions, click HERE

Average rating 7.33333333333333 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

I like it

Review by John on 8/3/2022

Made this up and put it in the kegging system. Rich smooth flavor seems more robust than the mass market commercial root beers.

Inferior Quality with Bad Instructions

Review by GingerBeerMan on 1/13/2022

The taste is mediocre (more cream than root beer), the instructions lead to a watered down and over sugared product, and it is more expensive than the previous product (less root beer for more money). I preferred the extract William's used to sell, and I will not be using this product.

Root Beer

Review by Greg on 10/26/2021

This extract made an excellent drink for my grand kids giving them a taste of what root beer tasted like when I was a kid. My 10 yr old grand son asked me to put an additional tap on my keeser for it.

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