Brewzilla Polycarbonate Sight Glass Kit

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This kit converts a 35 or 65 Liter Brewzilla to have a polycarbonate sight glass on its side in place of the recirculation tube. 

To convert your Brewzilla:

1. To remove your stainless steel sight glass, start by removing the two screws that mount the top section of the recirculation tube.

2. Then using a wrench *not included* loosen and remove the bottom 1/2" female fitting. There is a small white washer underneath. Move that to the side as we'll need that later for the upgrade!

3. Swap over the camlock fitting

Please note you may need to use varying amounts of thread tape to get it to seal in the right position once it has been tightened back down on the female bottom end.

The sight glass itself is not made from glass, it is made from robust polycarbonate.  If using PBW, keep contact times short to prevent discoloration.

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