38Mm Stainless Growler Carbonation Cap

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An all stainless male gas ball lock cap that fits 38mm plastic PET growler bottles. This allows the PET Growler to be charged with C02 from any female ball lock gas fitting (like our item D32 or D03 Gas Connector), carbonating the cold beverage in the bottle including cold water. Cap threading is industry standard 38-400 growler threading.

This is ideal for adding a bit of charge to a PET growler after you fill it, as no matter how carefully you fill a PET growler from a draft system, some C02 carbonation is lost. Great for serving draft beer away from the keg. For use with plastic bottles only. 


Always wear eye protection. For use with plastic bottles only. Never exceed 20psi carbonation pressure.

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Works perfectly on my growler and Tap A Draft

Review by Josh on 10/3/2014

Makes it easy for me to charge my growler so it does not go flat. Also fits my Tap A Draft.

Oct 23, 2020 by Mike Engel

Q: Where can we buy the bottles this cap fits?

A: There are some plastic growlers for sale on ebay.com Never use these caps with a glass container. They are suitable for plastic or stainless steel ONLY. https://www.ebay.com/itm/64-oz-Amber-Growler-PET-Plastic-with-Cap-PERFECT-WHERE-GLASS-IS-NOT-ALLOWED/264161420643?hash=item3d813f6563:g:zY4AAOSwP85cSddO

Mar 13, 2019 by Tyler

Q: will this fit on a 1-gallon plastic juice bottle like this?: https://www.amazon.com/HAWAIIAN-PUNCH-JUICY-GALLON-BOTTLE/dp/B008A7946G

A: Not recommended, as the juice bottle is not designed to hold any carbonation.

Sep 09, 2018 by Andy

Q: Lost the silicon gasket for this cap. Do you have a replacement I can buy? Thanks......

A: Sorry, we do not have these

Aug 15, 2018 by Ed

Q: Will this fill a stainless growler (prokeg)? If not, do you sell an adapter that I can carbonate stainless growlers tonabout 10-15 psi?

A: This will not fit since it is threaded, we do not have anything that fits this style of opening.

Apr 10, 2018 by Jeff

Q: I'm carbonating in a large bottle at 40psi and then transferring to smaller bottles so slight leaking is acceptable (and I think my 28mm carbonation cap leaks slightly). I'm not storing with the cap. Sounds like this should work for my needs then?

A: This item is rated at 20 PSI or less, so it would not work in a 40 PSI application.

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