4 Oz. Camino Verde Cocoa Nibs

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Cocoa Nibs are raw cocoa beans, that have been prepared for making chocolate by fermenting, roasting, deshelling, and breaking into small pieces. They are like little chunks of roasted coffee beans. These are added to the ferment or at the end of the boil to impart real chocolate flavor to chocolate porters and stouts.

After experimenting with generic nibs of unknown age and origin and finding the resultant chocolate stouts and porters wanting in real chocolate character, we have sourced premium Camino Verde fresh roasted cocoa nibs, which we believe are the finest in the world. Camino Verde is a cocoa farm in Guayas, Ecuador, which produces some of the finest cocoa beans in the world. Their cocoa was awarded best in the world at the prestigous 2013 "Salon du Chocolat" competition in Paris. These are fresh roasted in small batches in the United States and then we package them in 4 oz. oxygen barrier bags and refrigerate them.

We recommend using 4 ounces per 5 gallons of porter or stout, and we have found that adding the nibs directly to the primary fermenter produces a more intense and smooth chocolate flavor than adding them to the secondary. Curiously, we have also found that 4 ounces added to the primary fermenter results in a stout with a more chocolately character than adding 8 ounces directly to the secondary fermenter. Enjoy!

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Great for stouts

Review by Daniel on 11/25/2013

I used these in a chocolate coffee stout and it came out fantastic. I threw some in the boil at 15 min and flameout. I dry hopped with them as well with great results.

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