Nylon Washer For Flare Fittings

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Fits threaded 1/4" gas flare fittings to prevent leakage. Fits our threaded D03 and D39 gas lines (and D66 Barbed Adapter).

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Review by D. L. on 1/26/2014

This little washers do a great job as your flare connections will leak without them. They are easy to loose but are cheap enough, so I keep several spares on hand.

Suggestion for nylon washer

Review by Marc F. on 3/21/2008

Pros: Not really a review (the washers do what they do), but a suggestion.

Cons: Careful as I am, I always seem to lose these parts in my sanitizing solution. I don't know who makes these washers, but perhaps you could suggest making them day-glo pink or orange or something, and not StarSan colored.

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