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The redesigned (patent pending) Nukatap Flow Control Faucet features an exclusive Nukashuttle valve that improves laminar flow for reduced foam and turbulence. As in all Nukataps, first pour foam reduction is achieved through a a reduction in thermal mass by the use of molded rather than stainless interior parts.  The tap is often the warmest part of the draft system as it protrudes from the beer tower or refrigerator.  As a result, it acts like a heat sink and only works well once enough cold beer flows through it to cool the tap body down. By making the inner shuttle out of lightweight food grade plastic, thermal mass is reduced.

Flow control is best for customers who are often switching from one beer style to the next and want maximum flexibility in their draft system (we generally recommend flow control faucets for customers who dispense commercial kegs, not home brew). 

The new Nukataps have been manufactured with a 2.5 degree reverse angle.  This allows for a wider range of taps handles to be used, in particular, long and/or heavy handles to work perfectly irrespective of the installation conditions.

The Nukatap Flow Control is the worlds first forward sealing tap that works with an optional auto close spring (our part number I23). This means when you fit the optional spring you can let go of the tap handle and the tap will automatically close. Great for kids, pets, or clumsy buddies.

Note: If you are using a non Nukatap Shank to install this faucet, you will also need one O ring L11 per faucet to seal your generic shank. See the picture above for details. Order one L11 Silicone O Ring per faucet if you have non Nukatap Shanks.

Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Best Yet!

Review by Veronica on 10/24/2021

This flow control faucet works the best yet vs the Intertaps and Perlicks. I've never had such an easy time getting a proper pour on a Pilsner through my mini kegerator conversion before. My husband is German and is very picky about his beer and this faucet has his full approval. Having the self closing spring is nice too.

Not as expected

Review by Andrew Picariello on 10/12/2021

Flow control valve does not shut off completely. Tap shut-off spring is too weak to work all the time. William's Responds: The Flow Control handle never shuts off the faucet completely, it just throttles back the flow. If the shut off spring is sticking, the crown nut on the faucet is too tighten - loosen this slightly and the auto close should work every time. Please contact if this does not solve your problem.

Mar 09, 2023 by Dan T.

Q: Does the Intertap Duotight compatible tower shank have an O-ring behind the splines so that it would be compatible with the Nukatap flow control faucet?

A: No O-rings are necessary when mounting a Nukatap flow control faucet to a Nukatap shank. Make sure you have the flow control lever pointing forward as shown in the picture on our website before tightening the shank collar to the faucet, or it will not function properly. The Intertap Duotight compatible tower shank does have an O ring behind the splines.

Sep 14, 2021 by Travis

Q: Would this be a good option for filling a growler / bomber bottle to share with friends?

A: Yes, and our P44 Nukatap Growler Filler attachment fits this faucet.

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