Mark II 25 Watt Wort Pump

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 The MKII Pump from Keg Land is a magnetic drive high temperature pump capable of pumping  hot wort at temperatures of up to 248° F.  It can pump up to 5 gallons per minute, making it perfect for 5 to 20 gallon systems.  The maximum height it can pump is 11’ although gallons per minute will be reduced at higher pumping elevations.

  The pump head and impeller are constructed of food grade Xarec plastic (very similar to Polysulphone). The magnetic drive acts as a clutch allowing the user to put back pressure on the pump to slow down flow.  Like all magnetic drive wort pumps, it is not self priming - you must flood the pump head before turning on the pump.  The pump has ½” BSP male fittings on the inlet and outlet, which are compatible with all our ½” female NPT fittings. The inlet is in the center. Besides Xarec plastic, other wetted interior materials are nitrile rubber and stainless steel.

 The magnetic drive ensures no lubricated bearings are in contact with the liquid at all, so you can be sure there is no chance of any contamination of the liquid being pumped. The pump features a 67” power cord, and a mounting plate for permanent mounting.  The pump is 7¾” in overall length, and 3¼” wide including the mounting plate. The polysulfone head can be mounted at any angle on the pump to fit your application (an optional stainless head, William’s item Q80, is also available).   Shop around and compare, we think this is the best value currently available in a high temperature wort transfer pump.

 Important Safety Notice: This pump, like all 110 volt items that run in potentially wet areas, should be plugged into a GFI protected outlet for safety.

Average rating 9.2962962962963 out of 10 ( based on 54 reviews )

Glad I have it

Review by Steve J on 12/21/2022

This is my second Mark II pump. When it first arrived it didn't work. Williams brewing immediately replaced it. Great people to work with and a great pump for my RIMs system.

Good but

Review by Niles on 1/10/2021

The first brew I had, I loved it. It was a huge upgrade from my Anvil. Since then, it has been making funny noises. I'm not sure if it is a defect in the impeller or what. It would be five stars if not for that.

Glad I got it

Review by Chuck Dann on 10/5/2020

I've used it twice and I'm glad I got it. I also bought the stainless steel head. I bought the Brewers Edge Mash and Boil before it came with a pump, so this was an upgrade my system really needed. I connected the sparge float tube, J86, to the outlet, so I can recirculate during the mash and cooling the wort. The connections are the L86 1/2" nut with the 3/8" hose barb.

works OK but overrated, quiet

Review by jeff on 1/21/2020

I bought this pump to replace a Teel magnetic drive pump on my RIMS system that has been in service for almost 22 years. The best it could do on my system was 2.4 gpm, almost a gallon a minute less then the Teel pump. I returned the pump to Williams and did receive a prompt refund. I require the pump to reach over 3 gpm to perform properly on my system. I did notice it was very quiet.

A tiny, quiet workhorse

Review by Dave Seamonds on 7/31/2019

This little pump works well for my needs and is ultra quiet. Purchased the stainless steel head option and couldn’t be happier. If you’re brewing more than 5-10 gallon batches, I suggest buying something with a higher flow rate.

Mar 16, 2023 by Tony

Q: Can this be used as an upgrade to the gen 4 Brewzilla by cutting the plug off the end and wiring it in place of the stock pump?

A: No, it will not fit.

Dec 02, 2022 by Matt

Q: What is the height of the pump inlet from the ground and how high above that do you recommend the kettle outlet be?

A: From the center of the inlet to the ground is 1 7/8" tall. The Kettle outlet just needs to be higher than the pump inlet, so it can be 2" from the ground or higher.

Apr 01, 2022 by Jim

Q: Can you pump hot maple syrup with this 219 degrees F?

A: While the pump can handle the temperature, we have never tested it with syrup. The thickness and the fact it is sticky could cause the magnetic drive to stall and stop pumping.

Oct 21, 2020 by Chris

Q: Can this pump be lubricated? Mine is seized and only barely turns by hand.

A: Try removing the head and checking for obstructions. If the impeller is damaged it can restrict movement. A new impeller is part # X11 if this is not under our one year warranty.

Mar 28, 2019 by Chad

Q: Do you have a recommended cleaning procedure for this pump? I.e. do you run a cleaner through and then a sanitizer? Do you recommend a specific cleaner or sanitizer?

A: Always rinse out your pump so soon as you are done running wort through it so the wort won't have time to dry inside making cleaning more difficult. Follow that with cleanser, clear water then sanitize. As far as cleansers go the best way to clean the pump is with TM Desanamax (A36) as this cleanser will tell you when your pump is clean inside. When you mix it with clean water it turns purple. Then green or yellow if it detects any organic matter. When it runs purple again, your pump is clean. Flush the pump with clean water until it runs clear then sanitize with Star San HB (A43 or A44) or Saniclean (A48) and allow it to dry.

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