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The KegLand Bucket Blaster will clean rubber top kegs, carboys, and fermenters with a steady stream of cleanser or sanitizer while you are free to do other things. Just set up the 3½ gallon bucket basin and fill with your sanitizer or cleanser solution, set a keg or carboy over the jet, and plug in to let the pump continuously rinse.  Includes gas and beer ball lock disconnects with tubing so you can hook up a keg and have it continuously rinsed. Unlike some systems, the bucket is included, and you do not need to provide a catch basin or plastic tub to use this.

For safety, always plug into a GFCI plug.   We recommend the use of Brewer's Edge, PBW, or Saniclean cleansers in this unit, as Star San will foam excessively.

Note: The Bucket Blaster is designed for rubber topped Corny style kegs; strap handle topped kegs, although they can be cleaned if you prop them up,  are unstable on its stainless steel mount.

Average rating 9.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Top notch

Review by Eddie on 2/11/2023

I was expecting mediocre performance from this given the look of the parts but it works VERY well! A bit of PBW and hot tap water and gets carboys and kegs spotless. Excellent!

Well thought out system with compromises

Review by Roger Jackman on 10/4/2021

I come from using a similar washer system that I borrowed for a few months, and find myself a little disappointed in the KegLand Bucket Blaster. The bottom line is that this blaster did not clean my carboy and kegs as well as the other system did. While the plumbing of the KegLand set is well thought out (it's great to have the keg posts cleaned without removal), and the bucket with stand is compact and easily stored, fine-tuning the water level and making sure the water jet is centered is not straight forward. Finally, some other systems out there started using a similar pump to this, but found the ceramic impeller easily broke and moved to metal internals. I was disappointed to find that this KegLand pump comes with ceramic internals, so I assume the reliability on this set is compromised. If bought on sale, this system is a great value.

Bucket Blaster makes a dreaded chore more palatable

Review by Geoffrey Mohn on 8/13/2020

Received my Bucket Blaster today. I was putting off kegging a 10 gal. Batch of Pale Ale until the Blaster arrived. I easily cleaned the required 2 kegs using Oxy Clean, then rinsed the kegs and finally sanitized them using the Bucket Blaster. I think this is a “game changer” for ease of preparing sanitized kegs to be filled with beer. I’m happy with my first use of this system. I like that it also addresses the cleaning and sanitizing of the gas and beer out fittings on the keg at the same time as doing these processes for the keg.

Great Product.

Review by Bob Bailey on 7/30/2020

This was delivered the day after ordered. As a test run, cleaned all of my water bottles and a couple of kegs. They were all spotless with a total of 1 1/2 gallons of a weak Oxyclean Free solution. Will be putting together a couple of adapters enabling it to clean my faucets and beer lines, as well. I'm quickly becoming addicted to Williams' introductions of Kegland products. After the Digiboil, the mashing kit and now this, Kegland and William's Brewing is the best partnership I've found.

May 21, 2022 by Bruce Y

Q: Do you sell just the stainless steel stand?

A: No, the stand is not sold separately

Nov 06, 2021 by Jack Gonzenbach

Q: Will a 65L Fermzilla fit in the circular hole in the stand?

A: All Fermzillas will fit upside down on the Bucket Blaster, as they all have the same sized lid and top hole.

Apr 09, 2021 by Sid Taylor

Q: Hello, What is the GPH rating on the pump?

A: Eight gallons per minute maximum flow, and the pump will pump up to 10' at a reduced flow rate.

Dec 30, 2020 by Shawn Thompson

Q: Would an anvil stainless steel bucket fermenter fit on this?

A: We have not tried this.

Sep 01, 2020 by BC

Q: What size is the plastic tube that comes with it? Looking to upgrade with a rotary spray head.

A: The tube is 1/2".

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